We believe that whether you are dining solo or sharing a meal, eating is an experience that should be a celebration and a time of reflection. Food should be both exciting and nourishing, delighting your taste buds and good for you, in body, mind and soul…


While trying to provide a balance for our clientele, with regards to affordability, we will always choose the highest quality products, preferring premium quality over mass produced.  In an age where many food items are packaged with additives, we are proud to use the freshest local produce, organic where possible, and hope you will taste the difference in our food.

Please check through the extensive a la carte options refering to the below guide for special dietary requirements and don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

GF – gluten free, or can be made gluten free
DF – dairy free, or can be made dairy free
V+ – vegan, or can be made vegan
H – halal, or can be made halal